Regulators approve Oklahoma Gas and Electric's plant acquisition plan

  • May 14, 2019
  • Oklahoma Energy News

Laasch argued the utility should have required interested bidders to include long-term fuel and maintenance costs for their facilities, and, that those costs should have been considered by the utility as part of its decision-making process.

Laasch noted a witness who testified for Oklahoma Energy Results in the case had estimated it would cost the utility more than $500 million to own and operate the two facilities during the remainder of their useful lives.

Richard Chamberlain, representing Walmart Stores East and Sam’s Club East, meanwhile, said the retailers were concerned the deal could set a precedence enabling utilities the ability to avoid the type of analysis regulators conduct whenever a rate increase is sought.

But attorney William Hume, representing OG&E, countered that 19 bidders submitted 94 proposals that included fuel sources of coal, natural gas, wind, solar and batteries located at 26 sites within 350 miles of Oklahoma City.

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