Cleaner fueling options for commercial vehicles in India

  • Oct 22, 2021
  • Tractebel

As Part of the government’s “initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, liquified natural gas (LNG) will soon be available at fuelling stations in southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu & Kerala, for dispensing to long haul trucks.

Tractebel oversees LNG fuelling stations from start to finish

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, an Indian government-owned company, has selected our Gas and Energy experts for the overall design, detailed engineering, project management and construction supervision at twolocations. We are also assisting with the procurement of LNG equipment like cryogenic tanks, dispensers, pumps and associated fittings. Once operational, the LNG stations will provide commercial vehicle operators with increased access to cleaner fuel, thereby driving a reduction in vehicular pollution. The LNG fuelling stations are expected to open in July 2022.