Press Release

Petroleum products: energy efficiency and biofuels

  • Mar 26, 2020
  • Total

In order to meet the European Union’s definition, biofuels must emit less than half the CO2e of fossil fuel equivalents across their life cycle. Biofuels are made from renewable feedstock or waste products. For more than 20 years, Total has led the way in researching, producing and distributing more sustainable and effective biofuels.

As our project to repurpose the La Mède refinery shows, we are investing in this energy. The first world-class biorefinery in France and one of the biggest in Europe, La Mède has the capacity to produce 500,000 tons of hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) biodiesel a year to meet the growing demand for biofuels.

We are also working to develop advanced, second-generation biofuels to supplement the earlier varieties that still account for the majority of those produced worldwide. Those biofuels, derived from plants not used for food or feed, pose availability, collection and technology hurdles to overcome. In the last decade, Total has spent more than €500 million on advanced biofuel R&D. Both in our own laboratories and through partnerships in R&D, we are examining all possible biomass conversion pathways.

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