Trina Solar believes its oversized, third-cut-cell modules pave the way for 600-W solar panels

  • May 22, 2020
  • Solar Power World


Trina Solar has published a technology white paper on its previously announced 500-W bifacial Vertex solar panels.

According to the white paper, the technology behind the Vertex holds great potential for realizing 600-W and higher power outputs based on its product design and manufacturing.

Trina Solar is using a third-cut solar cell using oversized 210-mm wafers (the largest common wafers in the industry now are “M6” at 166-mm). The module also uses five columns of 30-third-cut cells connected with multiple busbars. The Vertex module is wider and longer than traditional 72-cell modules.

To effectively improve product reliability, the Trina Solar R&D team has found several solutions to optimize hot-spot prevention and mechanical load performance. The Vertex has successfully passed a hot-spot durability test in accordance with IEC 61215 standards.

“Since the beginning of this year, the photovoltaic industry has leapfrogged into the era of 500-W+ ultra-high power output. By choosing a size of 210 mm, Trina Solar has locked in the wafer size over the next few years as other size options face upgrading challenges and higher costs,” said Franck Zhang, head of product strategy and value management of Trina Solar. “As a pioneering ultra-high power product, the Vertex is guided by customer value and is becoming the new industry standard. With the development and improvement of the industrial chain, especially in terms of glass supply capability, adding another column of solar cells to the existing five-column design, the Vertex power output can be increased to 600 W. It will further drive down solar PV system costs and LCOE, accelerating the global application of PV power.”

To download the Vertex module technology white paper:

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