The Minister of Energy inaugurated 10 megawatt Fahraj solar power plant in Yazd province

  • Sep 16, 2019

According to Public Relations and International Affairs Office of SATBA, the inauguration ceremony of the 9th renewable power plant in Yazd province in Fahraj village was held with the presence of Minister of Energy, General- Governor of Yazd, Deputy Minister of Energy and Head of SATBA, Deputy Minister of Energy in Economic and Planning Affairs, and other managers and authorities.

According to the report, during the inauguration ceremony, Dr. Ardakanian, referred to the constructed renewable power plants with the total capacity of 70 MW in Yazd province, and in response to questions about increased tariffs for guaranteed electricity purchases mentioned that the renewable tariffs will be significantly increased and announced as soon as possible.

The report adds that the Fahraj solar power plant is equipped with a panel tracker that will increase electricity generation by about 20%. It is worth mentioning that such power plants are not dependent on water consumption to generate electricity and will save the consumption of water up to more than 4370000 liters per year compared to fossil fuel power plants.

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