Inauguration of three solar power plants in Yazd province via video conference

  • Sep 09, 2020

Three solar power plants in Yazd province with a total capacity of 18 megawatt were inaugurated at the same time by the order of the Minister of Energy. The launching ceremony was done by Deputy Minister of Energy and Head of SATBA in the nineteenth week of #everyweek_A_B_Iran campaign.

Public Relations and International Affairs Office of SATBA reports that "Reza Ardakanian" inaugurated three solar power plants with a total capacity of 18 megawatt via video conference during a trip to Yazd province, which was held within the nineteenth week of #everyweek_A_B_Iran campaign.

Operation of these projects leads to the annual injection of more than 31541 million kilowatt hours of energy into the national electricity grid.

"Mohammad Satkin" Deputy Minister of Energy and Head of SATBA mentioned that: "The results of Yazd province potential assessment shows that the total estimated capacity of the province for the construction of solar power plants is 3092.5 megawatt. The total capacity of renewable and clean power plants in operation in the province has reached 68 megawatt, which includes 8 solar power plants with a capacity of 62.5 megawatt, a heat recovery power plant with a capacity of 4 megawatt and also 104 solar rooftops with a total capacity of 1583 kilowatt.”

He pointed out to the three solar power plants that are being inaugurated in Chahak, Nir and Ardakan areas with capacities of 10, 5 and 3 megawatt, respectively and added that: “In recent projects, which are based on promotion and improvement, grid development and power supply has been considered as the main goal.”

Dr. Satkin stated that: “By operating these power plants, in addition to saving 9 million cubic meters of natural gas per year, the annual emission of 21762 tons of greenhouse environmental pollutants will also be prevented. The construction of these solar power plants has led to reduce the annual consumption of 6938 cubic meters of water, which is usually needed in thermal power plants to generate electricity.”

Dr. Satkin also announced the supply of electricity to more than 9000 households in Yazd province using these solar power plants and added: “In order to achieve the sustainable development goals by private sector’s investment, the two power plants has created jobs for 63 and 153 people directly and indirectly respectively during the construction and operation period.”

In the end, Dr. Satkin stated: “134 renewable power plants (megawatt scale) with a total capacity of 835 megawatt have been put into operation and another 811 megawatt is under construction. Also 4214 solar power plants (kilowatt scale) in forms of rooftop systems with a total capacity of 4851 kilowatt have been put into operation. It is worth mentioning more than 729 megawatt of the mentioned capacity has been implemented in the Rouhani’s government.”

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