Allocation and facilitation of assigning 2800 hectares of national lands of Eshtehard city to the applicants of solar power plant construction

  • Aug 18, 2019

According to the report of investment services center of Economic Affairs and Finance Administration of Alborz province, based on the approval of the specialized workgroup of renewable energy under economic workgroup of Alborz province headed by the deputy of coordination of economic affairs and development of provincial government and secretary of investment services center allocated a land with a total area of 2800 hectares from national lands of Eshtehard city with the aim of cooperation with the applicants of constructing solar power plants through guaranteed power purchase agreement process.

According to the mentioned approval, in order to facilitate the stages of assigning the lands, it is necessary that the Article (3) of the forest protection and operation law be used to this end.

This report also highlights some of the benefits of land assignment based on the Article (3) according to the approval of the specialized workgroup of renewable energy in Alborz province as follows:

1- Upon the approval of the investment plan, by the specialized workgroup of renewable energies in the province, the Directorate General of Natural Resources can set the contracts and assign the lands without getting any other permissions and regulations and it reduces the waiting period for the investors to set a contract of the lands.

2- There is no need for the investors to pay any rents and they only need to pay the right of use to the government which is less than annual rent that entails investor’s attraction to install solar power plants.

3- According to the format of the land assignment contract, if the investor fails to put the subject of the plan into operation in one year, the contract shall be terminated automatically and there will be no need for the legal termination of the contract. Therefore, there will be no possibility left for the real and legal persons who want to take lands without constructing any solar power plants.

According to this report, Alborz province has implemented the first land assignment for the first time in Iran in the form of the above article. Therefore, applicants for construction of solar power plants in Alborz Province can visit the Investment Services Center of Economic Affairs and Finance Administration at: Naderi Variani Alley, North Taleghani Blvd, Taleghani Square, Azimieh, Karaj or call 026-32562375-77, extension 408, 409.

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