13 renewable power plants were inaugurated simultaneously in 9 provinces of the country

  • Aug 01, 2021

According to the Portal of Ministry of Energy (Paven), President Rouhani in the fourteenth week of the Ministry of Energy’s plan, inaugurated 13 renewable power projects in 9 provinces (Semnan, Isfahan, Bushehr, Tehran, Khorasan Razavi, Kerman, Gilan, and Hamadan) via video conference.

These renewable power plants, which include 9 solar power plants with a total capacity of 26.92 MW, 2 wind power plants with a total capacity of 1.42 MW and 2 small hydropower plants with a total capacity of 1.3 MW became officially operational.

According to this report, 10 MW solar power plants in Majles city in Isfahan province and 10 MW power plant in Damghan in Semnan province both aim to save annual fuel consumption of 4976 thousand cubic meters of natural gas and save water consumption of 3854 thousand liters on annual basis.

The operation of this solar power plant will prevent the release of 2418 tons of greenhouse gases into the environment, prevent the consumption of 771 thousand liters of water and will save 995 thousand cubic meters of natural gas annually. The construction of the mentioned power plants during construction and operation has created direct and indirect jobs for 14 and 35 people respectively.

According to the report, the construction of one megawatt solar power plants in Khorasan Razavi, Hamedan and Kerman provinces each on a hectare of land in the cities of Chenaran, Hamedan and Rafsanjan has created direct and indirect jobs for 10 people and 25 people respectively. It is worth mentioning that each power plant has the ability to generate one million and 752 thousand kilowatt-hours of energy annually.

According to this report, by operating two solar power plants in Tehran province with capacities of 450 kW and 970 kW in Pardis and Shahr-e-Rey areas, as well as a 500-kW solar power plant in Arsak region,as well as saving the consumption of 956,000 cubic meters of natural gas annually, 2321 tons of greenhouse environmental pollutants will be prevented. Also, the construction of these solar power plants can reduce the annual consumption of 740,000 liters of water.

According to this report, by operating the small hydropower plant of Gilan province with a capacity of 1 MW and annual generation of 7 million kilowatthour of clean energy, in addition to saving 1990,000 cubic meters of natural gas, will prevent 4835 tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

According to this report, two wind power plants in Khorasan Razavi province in Khaf region, each with a capacity of 710 kilowatts were operated with the aim of saving fuel consumption of 618,000 cubic meters equivalent to natural gas and saving water consumption of 479,000 liters, as well as preventing carbon dioxide gas in the amount of 1,502 tons per year.

The construction of each of these wind farms, will lead to the injection of 2 million 176 thousand 860 kWh of renewable energy into the country's electricity grid annually and create direct and indirect jobs for 10 and 26 people during the construction and operation period.