The Life Of A Czar - And Response (2)

  • Oct 01, 2021
  • Chattanoogan

John Kerry, career office-holder for a half century, was appointed Climate Czar by Joe Biden. A czar historically was a Russian emperor. So in his role of Climate Emperor, Lord Kerry visited 14 nations over the last nine months. His jaunt was described as “a sales pitch to save the planet” (Lisa Freidman, NY Times, Sept 21, 2021).

So what impressive message did Kerry share guaranteeing a future for posterity? What hidden wisdom did he reveal to stop climate change in its tracks? According to Ms. Friedman of the Times, Kerry said, “do what the science tells us!”

That’s it? With a law degree from Yale University and 50 years in government and that’s the sum total of his message? Could he not have done something more impressive?

Maybe he could have worn a Wizard suit while Greta Thunberg sang “ Let it Snow, Let it Snow.” Perhaps someone in a polar bear costume could have joined her in a rendition of Buster Poindexter’s Hot! Hot! Hot! Even the medicine shows offered more than “do what the science tells us.”

Before his investiture, Kerry used his Gulfstream GIVSP. In 2019, he jetted up to Iceland to receive the coveted Arctic Circle Award for leadership against Climate Change. When questioned about his private jet, he said it was “the only choice for people like me” (NY Post, Feb 3, 2021). People like Kerry couldn’t be expected to have delays or canceled flights like ordinary folk now could they?

Apparently wishing to avoid controversy, Kerry now flies commercial according to the Times story. Imagine seeing the Climate Emperor descending from a private jet to then lecture the rest of us on the evils of fossil fuels, CO2 and melting ice caps.

What sacrifices the great man must now make, but alas, that’s the life of a Climate Czar or rather Climate Emperor.

Ralph Miller, John Kerry, the climate Czar, did exactly what his job called for him to do; nothing. The Obama administration is the first in my lifetime to use Czars as a loyalty award system for supporting the Democrat Party. I’m surprised Biden hasn’t appointed a “paper towel and toilet paper Czar” who could travel around the world and expound on the virtues of only using one square a day.

Honestly, I would apply for that job and I would even be willing to make you my Concierge Czar and you could arrange for our sightseeing adventures. We could even give lavish gifts to the leaders of these countries and get rich with their “thank you” gifts to us.

Let’s not despair too much as help for Tennessee and Hamilton County is on the way. Greg Vital was absolutely the best choice to fill the position Mike Carter handled so well. Mike will be missed as a friend to many and a champion for all. Greg is cut from the same cloth. Coty Wamp should be our next district attorney general. Talk about a rock star, this lady is dynamite and in my many years I have yet to see anyone as sharp and dedicated as Coty is. The antics of our current general speak for themselves. As it gets closer to election time it will all be fleshed out as well as flushed out. She will work wisely with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office and if we are wise citizens, it will be with Sheriff Austin Garrett. Sheriff Jim Hammond will be hard to replace but Chief Deputy Garrett is up for that task.

On the national front, the Democrats in Washington have done all they could to insure that 2022 elections will give control back to the Republican Party. Communism will be forced to wait for a few more election cycles for “we the people” to get over the stupidity they have foist on us. Happy days will be here again.