‘Solar garden’ schemes to make renewables available to apartments

  • May 04, 2021
  • Sydney Morning Herald

NSW government energy pricing agency IPART this week revealed that households can expect to receive more like 4.4-5.9c/kWh for their solar contributions to the grid over the next two years.

In Victoria, it’s a similar story, with the mandated minimum feed-in tariff dropping from 10.2c to 6.7c/kWh on July 1.

If you shop around, it is possible to find special deals for solar households, featuring up to 22c/kWh. However, those plans sometimes feature higher prices for grid power, forcing solar households to choose between a high feed-in tariff and a low grid price.

Millions of renters and apartment dwellers who cannot cash in on the solar revolution could be forgiven for treating the chorus of cries of protest of solar power customers’ slashed payback rates with distain.

However, that could be about to change, thanks to new “solar garden” projects, where hundreds or thousands of panels are “planted” in rural locations and faraway households can buy a “plot” and receive an annual credit against their energy bill for the power it produces. It is not yet clear how much the credit would be for each plot.