Omani graduate develops electric vehicle prototype

  • Jun 12, 2019
  • Muscat Daily

He was passionate about bikes and cars since his childhood days. In school, he even won an award for developing a prototype of a bike.

Now, Aghbari has converted an old car into a low-cost high-performance electric vehicle (EV) as part of his university dissertation project.

Speaking to Muscat Daily , Aghbari, said, “In the final year of engineering (Level 4), I had to work on a technical project as part of the curriculum. I contacted my teacher whom I always admired for his skills and expertise. He suggested me to do something related to renewable energy as countries across the world including Oman are focusing on this area.”

Aghbari and his teacher and supervisor Ganesh S Kharote had brainstorming sessions and they finally zeroed in on developing an electric vehicle prototype.

“The first challenge was to procure an old car keeping my budget in mind. I procured a Mercedes car for RO300. What we required was a vehicle with basic structure, seats, dashboard and wheels. We removed its chassis, engine, shaft and differential box.”

The project is called ‘Design and fabrication of prototype of electric vehicle’. “My specialisation is computer-aided manufacturing. I, my supervisor, my father who is an expert in fabrication and automobile sector and the fabrication technician worked on the project.”

Aghbari had to submit the dissertation in a one-year timeframe as per the varsity’s policy. “We had a set objective for the vehicle development and we achieved it within the timeframe.”

Aghbari said that he plans to incorporate solar technology in the vehicle so that recharging will be a continuous process. “Further, we plan to develop a dynamo alternator so that battery charging will be done automatically when the vehicle is running.”

He said that the team plans to go further with development once the entire design work is complete. “We are focusing to take it to the next level so that it can compete with other EV models by reputed carmakers.”

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