OFFICE OF NUCLEAR ENERGY U.S. Department of Energy Awards $15.2 Million for Advanced Nuclear Technology

  • Sep 11, 2019
  • Electric Energy

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today (9/10) announced funding selectees for multiple domestic advanced nuclear technology projects. Three projects in three states will receive varying amounts for a total of approximately $15 million in funding. The projects are cost-shared and will allow industry-led teams, including participants from federal agencies, public and private laboratories, institutions of higher education, and other domestic entities, to advance the state of U.S. commercial nuclear capability.

The awards are through the Office of Nuclear Energy's (NE) funding opportunity announcement (FOA) U.S. Industry Opportunities for Advanced Nuclear Technology Development. This is the sixth round of funding through this FOA. The first group was announced on April 27, 2018, the second group on July 10, 2018, the third group on November 13, 2018, the fourth group on March 27, 2019, and the fifth group on May 23, 2019. Initial and subsequent phase awards made as a result of these six rounds has now totaled about $195 million of U.S. Government funds. Subsequent quarterly application review and selection processes will be conducted over the next three years.

"Several U.S. companies are working on technologies to make the next generation of nuclear reactors highly competitive, and private-public partnerships will be key to successfully developing innovative domestic nuclear technologies," said U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry. "The Trump Administration is committed to reviving and revitalizing the U.S. nuclear industry."

The solicitation is broken into three funding pathways:

The following two projects were selected under the Advanced Reactor Development Projects pathway:

The following project was selected under the Regulatory Assistance Grant pathway:

NE funds research, development, and demonstration projects to reduce the risk and cost of advanced nuclear technologies, and to improve nuclear energy's contribution to meeting the nation's economic, energy security, and environmental challenges. More information on the Office of Nuclear Energy and its programs can be found here.

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