World Hydropower Congress 2019

The World Hydropower Congress brings together leading decision-makers, innovators and experts from industry, government, finance, civil society and academia.

Knowledge sharing, capacity building and stakeholder dialogue are at the heart of this high-level biennial event which is organised by the International Hydropower Association (IHA) and supported by a range of partner organisations.

The World Hydropower Congress provides an unparalleled opportunity to share experiences, guide policies and develop strategies to strengthen the sector’s performance and support sustainable development.

Focus sessions and workshops are co-convened with knowledge partners that bring a depth of understanding to each topic. Partners include United Nations organisations, financial institutions, intergovernmental agencies and research institutes.

The 2019 World Hydropower Congress will be held in Paris from 14 to 16 May.

The event will focus on hydropower’s role in delivering on the Paris Climate Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals, under the theme ‘The Power of Water in a Sustainable, Interconnected World’.

Hundreds of leading decision-makers, innovators and experts from more than 70 countries will be in attendance.

Across 37 invaluable focus sessions and workshops, participation will provide an opportunity to take on new learnings, strengthen networks and build enduring partnerships for the future.

Delegates will share knowledge on how hydropower can be financed, developed and operated sustainably, as they learn from success stories and experiences from across the sector.

Three prestigious awards will be announced during the World Hydropower Congress: the IHA Blue Planet Prize for a sustainable hydropower project, the IHA Mosonyi Award for Excellence in Hydropower, and the IHA Young Researcher Award

Participants can join a tour of hydropower projects in France, Germany, Luxembourg, Portugal or Switzerland between 17-18 May.

The languages supported at the World Hydropower Congress are English, Chinese, French and Spanish. Learn more.

IHA hosted the first world congress in Turkey in 2007, followed by Iceland in 2009, Brazil in 2011, Malaysia in 2013, China in 2015, and Ethiopia in 2017.

The last World Hydropower Congress in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in May 2017 drew 700 delegates from more than 60 countries.

“This congress in Paris is a fantastic opportunity to meet all the major international hydro players gathered to talk about the role of hydropower in the energy transition and in the preservation of water resources. I wish to all participants a very successful congress.” – Jean Levy, CEO, EDF

“The World Hydropower Congress brings together a unique network of hydropower operators from all over the globe. This creates an unparalleled opportunity to bring together leading hydropower practitioners, and to address emerging challenges and opportunities across the hydropower industry – including those driven by climate change.” – Craig Davies, Head of Climate Resilience Investments, EBRD

“The World Hydropower Congress provides a platform for global leaders to share experiences and focus on hydropower’s role in delivering sustainable development and an interconnected world.” – Tammy Chu, Managing Director, Entura, Hydro Tasmania

“I look forward to attending the 2019 Congress in Paris because it is the most comprehensive international gathering to bring hydropower experts from around the world and to provide strong updates and forums on a wide range of technical and social/environmental issues.” – Ed Wojczynski, Engineer and Principal, EW Sustainable Hydropower Consulting

“I am delighted to take part in the World Hydropower Congress to discuss one of the most important challenges the world faces today: How hydropower and other means of renewable energy generation can and must play a key role in the fight against climate change.” – Hordur Arnarson, Chief Executive Officer and President, Landsvirkjun, The National Power Company of Iceland

“Hydropower will continue to be an essential part of the energy matrix of the future. I am looking forward to hearing lessons about digitalization, benefit sharing, safety, and other aspects that will make projects more attractive and sustainable in the long run.” – Luiz Gabriel Azevedo, Division Chief, Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance Division, IDB Invest

“The future of hydropower is rapidly becoming a key enabler to facilitate the integration of wind and solar power worldwide. It is very important to make sure that hydropower will help reducing greenhouse gas emissions, one of the main topics I am looking forward to discuss at the congress.” – Atle Harby, senior research scientist, SINTEF Energy Research

“The 2019 World Hydropower Congress is a valuable opportunity to share experiences and promote the benefits of interconnections in developing regions of the world.” – Leslie Chai, General Manager of System Planning, Sarawak Energy

“I am excited to see the growing interest in floating solar from the hydropower community, and looking forward to discussing how we can accelerate adoption in our client countries.” – Oliver Knight, Senior Energy Specialist, World Bank Group

“The World Hydropower Congress will be an opportunity to present new tools and methods for hydropower development that combine the economic dimension of the projects with social and environmental values defined by the stakeholders under an objective and transparent framework” – Rafael Kelman, Executive Director, PSR Consultancy

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