IIT-H Researchers Recommends Harnessing Earth’s Heat for Power Generation

  • Jan 10, 2020
  • Energetica India

The use of earth’s heat to produce power is better than the photovoltaic energy that is used by present technologies, recommended an extensive analysis of green alternatives to reduce carbon (CO2) emissions by the Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad and Monash University, Australia.

Researchers advocated that in this era of dwindling fossil fuel reserves and increasing greenhouse gas emissions, a combination of renewable energy technologies must be embraced.

The analysis, undertaken by Prof D Chandrasekharam, department of civil engineering, IIT-H and Prof G Ranjit-h Pathegama, department of civil engineering, Monash University, Melbourne involved lifecycle assessment of renewables. They analyzed the life cycle assessment of solar cell technology in terms of the environmental impact during construction, operation and decommissioning stages.

“Unlike other renewables, geothermal energy can supply base-load electricity and the waste product after its life cycle, unlike solar PV, is negligible,” specified the researchers.

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