HYDRO-QUÉBEC Nuvation Energy becomes reseller of EVLO energy storage systems

  • Aug 25, 2021
  • Electric Energy

"We are happy to be strengthening our relationship with Nuvation Energy. They have solid experience in energy storage systems and this agreement will allow both companies to keep growing in today's rapidly evolving energy storage market," said Guillaume Hayet, EVLO's President and CEO.

"Energy storage is experiencing very high growth. Nuvation is thrilled to be able to respond to strong customer demand for turnkey projects with reselling the safe and reliable LFP energy storage system from EVLO, built using Nuvation's BMS. The EVLO 1000 showcases EVLO's deep engineering expertise with superior thermal and chemical stability. Our teams have been working together for years, and with this reseller agreement, we are excited to further deepen our partnership with EVLO and Hydro-Quebec," said Michael Worry, Nuvation Energy's CEO and CTO.

Established in Québec, EVLO Energy Storage Inc. is a subsidiary of Hydro-Québec, North America's largest renewable energy producer. EVLO is a full storage system service provider offering customized battery energy storage systems, control software, installation, inspection and management, and an end-of-life battery recycling program. EVLO's energy storage product line ranges from compact, rack-mounted commercial systems to large, containerized utility-scale systems.