Africa, Middle East increase onshore wind power capacity to 5.7 GW

  • Feb 11, 2019
  • Engineering News

The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) on Monday released data that found Africa and the Middle East had installed 962 MW of onshore wind power capacity in 2018 – a 300 MW increase compared with 2017.

The GWEC’s global wind report forecasts that a further 6.5 GW of capacity will be added by 2023, compared with the current installed capacity of 5.7 GW.

In 2018, Egypt installed the most onshore wind power at 380 MW, followed by Kenya with 310 MW and Morocco with 120 MW.

“Government commitment in Africa and the Middle East is essential for wind energy to progress. Investments in grid and infrastructure are key drivers for growth.

“The GWEC is especially watching the developments in the Middle East. In January, Saudi Arabia awarded 400 MW to build the first commercial onshore wind farm in the Middle East. The bid of $21.30/kWh proves the competitiveness of onshore wind,” said GWEC CEO Ben Backwell.

“Growth in renewables is a priority across the world in a bid to meet international climate agreements while satisfying rising energy demand. It forms a crucial part of the solution to reduce emissions, strengthen the energy mix and boost investment into local economies,” commented GWEC market intelligence director Karin Ohlenforst.

She expected that Africa and the Middle East would add more than 1 GW a year of new wind capacity.

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