35-acre horse farm near Hume sells for $1.1 million

  • Sep 27, 2021
  • Fauquier Now

35-acre horse farm near Hume sells for $1.1 million This 35-acre farm near Hume sold for $1.1 million. A 35-acre horse farm near Hume sold last week for $1.1 million.

Built in 2000, the house on Lake Sunset Lane has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a geothermal HVAC system and a front porch.

Riot Farm also has a double-aisle stable with 15 stalls, other outbuildings and a riding ring.

The Marshall District property went on the market in June with an asking price of $1.2 million, according to Realtor.com.

Carole Taylor of TTR Sotheby’s International Realty represented the seller and Robin and Greenhalgh Real Estate represented the buyer.

The most recent list of Fauquier real estate transactions also includes:

• Amazon’s $39.7-million purchase of 41.7 acres in Warrenton for a data center.

• The $23.7-million sale of the Aspen apartment complex in Bealeton.

The complex on Village Center Drive has 138 apartments in buildings on two parcels totaling 20 acres.

The Fauquier County Circuit Court clerk’s office recorded these real estate transfers Sept. 16-22, 2021:

Cedar Run District

Todd A. and Ji Y. Tucker to Matthew D. and Stephanie K. Speidel, Lot 2, Phase 1, Woods at Warrenton Subdivision, 7566 Bald Eagle Drive, near Warrenton, $720,000.

Michelle S. Anthony to Matthew F. Schaffer, Lot 58, Phase 3, Green Meadows Subdivision, 6622 Clarke’s Meadow Drive, near Bealeton, $415,000.

Erika and Phillip Mahaney to Marcia J. Sopule, trustee, Lot 5, Block 1, Fleetwood Subdivision, 7337 Atlee Road, south of Warrenton, $629,000.

Sean W. Whitacre to Russel J. and Christine A. Fragar, 4 acres, 9289 James Madison Highway, south of Warrenton, $461,000.

NVR Inc. to Christopher L. and Catherine Putnam, 0.58 acre, Lot 58, Phase 2, Warrenton Chase Subdivision, 7716 Warrenton Chase Drive, near Warrenton, $786,495.

Christine M. and Patrick E. Hartzell Jr. to Elizabeth I. and Joshua Falcon Sr., 2.4 acres, 10393 Messick Road, near Midland, $460,000.

Timothy J. and Samantha C. Coster to Dennis G. Salamanca-Romero and Karen Salamanca, 0.67 aced, Lot 3, Harder Terrace Subdivision, 7774 Millfield Drive, near Warrenton, $574,900.

Peter J. Lee to Joseph W. Thuillier, 0.57 acre, Lot 49, Section 2, Warrenton Village Subdivision, 7490 Suncrest Drive, near Warrenton, $375,000.

Kevin R. Burnette to David and Catherine Gailey, Lot 17, Phase 1, Whisperwood Subdivision, 7437 Coblentz Ave., near Warrenton, $755,000.

Jamie R. and Ros L. Gammon IV to Gary C. and Marcia N. Hill, 0.57 acre, Lot 34, Phase 1, Warrenton Chase Subdivision, 6426 Bob White Drive, near Warrenton, $688,000.

Center District

Martin C. Peterson, trustee, to Jonathan S. and Lindsey B. Marley, Lot 31, Addition to Warrenton Lakes Subdivision, 7102 Westmoreland Drive, near Warrenton $575,000.

Brandon M. and Victoria Lillard to Lydia H. Conover, Lot 6, Section 1, Copper Mill Subdivision, 771 General Wallace Court, Warrenton, $365,000.

David G. and Vonna B. Rawlins to Cyd M. D. Ruiz and Juan A. F. Mercedes, Lot 79, Section 2C, Olde Gold Cup Subdivision, 720 Lancrel Road, Warrenton, $627,100.

Sheena and Eduardo J. Rosa III to Moroni V. and Julianne W. Redd, 1.7 acres, Lot 1, Block A, Oak Spring Farm Subdivision, 7300 Blackwell Road, near Warrenton, $720,000.

Richard M. Sauer and Margaret J. Donoghue, trustees, to Gary E. and Melissa Miller, Lot 84-R, Phase 3, Ivy Hill Subdivision, 7160 Manor House Drive, near Warrenton, $602,000.

Rodney and Beth Ann Hasler to Kelly and David King, 2.74 acres, 7217 Blackwell Road, near Warrenton, $801,000.

Steven D. Church, trustee, to Amy S. Ressler, Townhouse 267, Phase 2, Group 10, Leeds Square, 267 Fairfield Drive, Warrenton, $295,000.

Wilson Land LLC, Weissberg Corp. as manager, to Amazon Data Services Inc., 81 percent interest, 41.7 acres, Blackwell Road, Rt. 17 Bypass and Rts. 15/29/211, Warrenton, $32,159,714.

MFW Holdings LLC, Weissberg Corp. as manager, to Amazon Data Services Inc., 19 percent interest, 41.7 acres, Blackwell Road, Rt. 17 Bypass and Rts. 15/29/211, Warrenton, $7,543,636.

Mark S. and Linda D. Letosky to David Digiorgio, Lot 52, Addition to Warrenton Lakes Subdivision, 6614 Lancaster Drive, near Warrenton, $511,000.

Lee District

North Forty Aspen LP, Robert C. Bostic as manager, to Aspen Club LLC, 10.5 acres, Village Center Drive, Bealeton, $18,249,000.

North Forty Aspen LP, Robert C. Bostic as manager, to Aspen Club LLC, 9.9 acres, 6206 Aspen Way, Bealeton, $5,451,000.

Roberto J. Melendez-Morales to Wayne S. and Crystal Conklin, 2 acres, Lot 2, Allen Division, 7228 Covington’s Corner Road, $329,900.

Stanley L. Heaney Jr. to Alec S. Kestner and Juliana Kolba, Lot 12 Stinnett Subdivision, 305 N. Duey Road, Remington, $275,000.

Nicole F. Eckley to Anne M. Garcia, Unit L, Building 2, Cedar Lee Condominiums 11242 Torrie Way, Bealeton, $169,999.

Theresa R. and Richard C. Boyd Jr., Lot 62, Phase 2, Southcoate Village Subdivision, 6586 America Way, near Bealeton, $435,000.

Marshall District

William L. Beach to Gladys Baumbach, 3 acres, Lot 1, Fiery Run Road Subdivision, 4154 Fiery Run Road, near Linden, $510,000.

Rising Phoenix Investments LLC, John Bryant as manager, to Bit Property LLC, 0.85 acre, 5090 Old Tavern Road, near The Plains, $625,000.

Upton H. Richards Jr. estate, by executors, to Gwynanne W. Rogers, 5.5 acres, 3302 Cool Springs Lane, Delaplane, $179,900.

Kendra M. Yount to Yesica B. Arellano, 0.33 acre, Lot 3, Glascock Subdivision, 4136 Melody Lane, Marshall, $350,000.

R. Snowden Clarke to Jessica Linehan, trustee, 0.91 acre, 91216 Patrick St., Upperville, $400,000.

Maillim D. Empie to Jorge P. Morris, 1 acre, 9192 James Madison Highway, south of Warrenton, $302,000.

Sarah McClain and Ryan Bratt to Ryan Bratt, 10.5 acres, Lot 2, Piedmont Springs Subdivision, 8420 Red Fox Lane, near Warrenton, $13,000.

Patricia H. Gerbracht to Nicholas J. and Helen E. Morisi, 17 acres, Lot 73, Bellevue Farms Subdivision, 6934 Hilltop Lane, near Marshall, $900,000.

Alex S. Borowsky, trustee, to Maura J. Fisher, 10.1 acres, Lot 5, Church Division, 6615 Timothy Lane, near Warrenton, $807,000.

Deanna H. Yoxthimer to Timothy and Celeste Ward, Lot 9, Golden Acres Subdivision, 4056 Roberts Circle, Marshall, $549,000.

Bonnie Barr-Briggs to Joseph M. Garvey III and Lei Lu, 34.9 acres, 6009 Lake Sunset Lane, Hume, $1,100,989.

David C. Garner to Jonathan Ressler, 10 aces, 10210 Cliff Mills Road, near Marshall, $540,000.

Robert B. Semple Jr., Lloyd A. Semple and others to Tyrus H. Berry, Miruna G. Tecuci and others, 96.1 acres, Pohick Farm, Carrington Road, near Delaplane, $769,000.

Sharon Kay, trustee, to Samuel L. and Connie I. rogers, 5.5 acres, 5847 Wilson Road, near Marshall, $420,000.

Matthew T. Tuten and Christopher P. Gillespie to Jonathan C. and Raquel M. Foster, 4.7 aces, 5065 Leeds Manor Road, Hume, $800,000.

Whiting Industrial LLC, Glenn Miller as member, to Hunter Court LLC, 28,014 square feet, Lot 2-A, and 16,050 square feet, Lot 2-B, Whiting Court Land Condominium, Hunter Court, Marshall, $594,220.

Scott District

John and Juanita Lee to Nathan and Katie Hensley, 2 acres, Lot 23, Bunker Hill Estates Subdivision, 4175 Jackson Glen Drive, near The Plains, $485,000.

Ashley Gibaldi to Rachel Bowman, 1 acre, 6197 Edwards Drive, Broad Run, $532,000.

Rockford Westfall and Carolyn C. Bertke to Ayma Khan, 10 acres, Lot 10 Carletans Woods Subdivision, 5563 Carletans Lane, near The Plains, $789,000.

Jane C. Bishop to John M. Orsmond and Catherine V. Perry, 50 acres, 5369 O’Bannon Road, near The Plains, $995,000.

Charles D. Scofield to Chandru A. and Jayashri C. Malkani, Unit 204, Phase 91, Suffield Meadows Condominiums, 6696 Club House Lane, near Warrenton, $395,000.

Nirav J. Avaiya to Edwin Y. S. Perez, 1.3 acres, Lot B, Mountjoy Division, 5366 Lee Highway, near New Baltimore, $400,000.

Jonathan S. and Amy S. Ressler to Travis N. and Amanda J. Barber, 5.5 acres, Lot 11, Valley Green Subdivision, 6183 Cooper Lane, near Broad Run, $640,000.

Ruby B. Viers to Teddy S. and Clara M. Williams, 0.85 acre, 5265 Old Alexandria Pike, Village of New Baltimore, $25,000.

Leigh A. Doss to Jeremy C. and Sarah Staudt, Lot 50, Land Bay H, Vint Hill Subdivision, 4042 Wilkes Court, near New Baltimore, $670,000.

Still Waters Farm LLC, John D. Nissley as managing member, to Baldwin Street LLC, 25 acres, 5441 Baldwin St., near Warrenton, $900,000.

Jonathan R. and Emily M. Stone to Christopher A. and Mary R. Wells, Lot 20, Phase 2, Lake Whippoorwill Subdivision, 6037 Whippoorwill Drive, near Warrenton, $649,000.

Angela I. and William H. Scott V to Ana M. and Walter F. Keating III, trustees, 5 acres, 3309 Rectortown Road, near Marshall, $851,000.

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