International call for tender

Programme 1: ‘Scaling up access to modern electricity services on a regional scale in rural Sub-Saharan Africa by means of a fee for service business model’,

Programme 2: “Increase and consolidate access to services of modern electricity in the regions of Segou and Sikasso, through photovoltaic kits and mini-arrays solar PV diesel hybrids and on the basis of a Fee for service model”

And with the financial assistance from ACP-EU Energy Facility 10th EDF grant project DCI-ENV/2014/348-266 and FED 2014/352-384,

FRES intends to award a contract for the Supply, Delivery and Commissioning of (4) Four Solar Power Plants in the villages of Beleko Soba, Fakola, Dogoni and Diena in Mali.

The deadline for submission of tenders is 06th September 2019 – 17:00 CET. The contract notice can be found here.