Kingspan promises net zero carbon manufacturing by 2030

  • Dec 03, 2019
  • Business Green

Buildings material giant Kingspan has today promised to deliver net zero carbon manufacturing by 2030, as it pledges to "play its part" in cutting global emissions in line with the Paris Agreement  

The European firm, which specialises in the development of insulation materials and employs 13,500 people around the world, said it will also deliver a 50 per cent cut in the carbon intensity of products from its suppliers, and ensure 60 per cent of its operations run on green energy by the same date.

Elsewhere in the updated strategy, dubbed Planet Positive, Kingspan promised to upcycle one million plastic bottles into insulation products by 2030, and harvest and use 100 million litres of rainwater.

The firm is also set to become a member of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's Circular Economy 100, a network of businesses working to reduce waste across the economy.

CEO Gene Murtagh said the company wanted to cut carbon emissions from its own operations and help curb the environmental impact of the wider construction and building industries, which experts estimate accounts for 39 per cent of all emissions globally.

"Energy conservation has always been at the core of our products, and how we run our business," he said. "Through Planet Passionate we will reduce carbon and energy in both our manufacturing processes and products, and continue our relentless pursuit of low-carbon buildings that deliver more performance and value, with clear targets to strive for by 2030."

The fresh pledges build on Kingspan's Science-Based Target to cut its absolute emissions by 10 per cent by 2025, against a 2017 baseline. The company is also planning to match 100 per cent of its operational energy use with renewable energy by 2020, which it said it is on-track to achieve.

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