EDF goes overbudget on French nuclear build – just weeks after Hinkley overruns

  • Oct 09, 2019
  • The Telegraph

The company building Britain's next nuclear power plant announced further delays and a €1.5bn (£1.35bn) setback at its flagship project in France, raising fresh fears over its work in the UK.

State-owned French firm EDF said that its Flamanville nuclear plant in Normandy will now cost €12.4bn due to the expense of fixing 66 faulty welds.

The company also said the plant’s start date will be delayed until the end of 2022. Flamanville was originally projected to cost €3.3bn and to start operations in 2012.

It follows a £3bn surge in costs at the Hinkley Point C reactor which EDF is building in Somerset. The project will be marked at up to £22.5bn, which is £2.9bn more than previously forecast,...

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