Operation of the first solar power plant on the effluent canal

  • Aug 01, 2021

The Director General of Supervision and Project Control Office of SATBA announced the construction and operation of the first phase of the first solar power plant with a capacity of 423 kilowatt on the effluent canal.

“This solar power plant with a contracted capacity of 970 kilowatt with an investment volume of 10 billion Tomans has been installed and operational for the first time in Iran,” said Mr. Shabnavard.

He added that a prominent feature of the construction of this power plant is to prevent water evaporation from the canal surface and this is an efficient solution to deal with water shortage.

He said that 1229 locally made solar panels have been used in the construction of this solar power plant, adding that this power plant has the ability to generate more than 1 million and 699 thousand kilowatt-hours of clean energy annually.

The operation of this solar power plant prevents the release of 1173 tons of greenhouse gases into the environment and prevents the consumption of 374 thousand liters of water annually and will save 483 thousand cubic meters of natural gas per year to save fossil fuel reserves.

He added that the construction of the power plant during the construction and operation period has created direct and indirect jobs for 10 and 25 people respectively.