Construction of Condor wind and solar farms now 30% progressed

The build-out, which has created nearly 1,200 jobs across three regions of the country, has continued throughout the COVID-19 pandemic under strict sanitary protocols.

This week, the first of 18 wind turbine foundations was laid at our Alena site in the southern Biobío region, which – with continuing excavation works and the construction of the lifting substation – is already halfway to completion.

In the north of the country, in the Antofagasta region, work to install 35 turbines at the Tchamma Wind Farm has now progressed to the 30% mark since the pouring of its concrete bases began on May 30.

And at the nearby Cerro Tigre site, roads have been laid and groundwork preparations are continuing for its eventual 44 wind turbines.

Meanwhile, the build out at Río Escondido – our first solar PV plant in Chile – is advancing, with all its stanchions in place in the Atacama desert and more than 370,000 solar panels having now arrived in the country.

Mainstream has managed to continue building through the COVID-19 restrictions by working closely with health authorities and the national safety body, La Asociación Chilena de Seguridad, to protect both workers and nearby communities.

When the Condor projects enter operation in 2021, they will generate 571 MW of clean energy, equivalent to the consumption demand of 680,000 homes, while avoiding the emission of more than 656,000 tonnes of C02 per year.

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