ESB ecars introduce new pricing structure to support continued EV network expansion

  • Jul 09, 2020
  • ESB

ESB ecars introduce new pricing structure to support continued EV network expansion

To support further investment and its continued commitment to upgrading Ireland’s electric vehicle (EV) public charging network, ESB ecars has today announced that the introduction of pricing for its standard (up to 22kW AC) network will come into effect from 10th August.

The announcement comes following the introduction of pricing for fast public chargers (50kW) in November 2019. At that time, it was indicated that pay for use would be extended to the entire network following further investment by ESB ecars and with that improved ‘uptimes.’ Since then, over 150 standard chargers have been replaced in 26 counties throughout the country bringing the uptime to 96%, with even higher uptimes (99%) on our fast (>44kW) charging network.

The upgrades are part of an overall €20m investment in renewing and expanding Ireland’s electric vehicle (EV) public charging network by ESB ecars, supported by the Irish Government’s Climate Action Fund.

The introduction of pricing will support ongoing upgrades to ensure that the network continues to operate at a high standard for an ever-increasing number of EV owners.

The original pricing scheme has been maintained; there are two price plans available for the EV drivers - Pay as You Go or Membership:

Since launching its sign-up service, ESB ecars have achieved over 11,000 sign ups. Membership offers lower per kWh rates along with a monthly subscription and is recommended for those that use the network five times per month or more. Drivers can sign up to ESB ecars via

Niall Hogan, Head of ESB ecars, commented on the announcement: “We all know that climate action is a priority for all of us and that electric vehicles play a key role in the move to clean, low-carbon transport. That’s why ESB is committing €20m to upgrading and expanding the public charging network for EVs and why we’ve introduced pricing on a phased basis to support that investment in clean transport.

Drivers are already seeing the benefits of this investment with significant improvements in the reliability of the national network. We will continue to invest in a brighter future for drivers by supporting the change to cleaner transport using EVs.”

The electrification of transport is a key component of ESB’s low-carbon strategy for a brighter future. The environmental benefits of the move to EVs is complimented by cost savings for consumers with ESB estimating savings of 35% on a 100km journey for ESB ecars members or those on the introductory offer as opposed to travelling in a 1.5l diesel car**.

The €20m investment is 50% financed by the Government’s Climate Action Fund with the remainder funded by ESB.

Media Enquiries: Grainne Burns, ESB Press Officer, 087-9536640

The public charging network in the Republic of Ireland has been free to use since its introduction in 2010.

*‘Uptime’ or availability is the measure of working chargers on the network.

**Pricing scheme for public EV charging infrastructure

Under the new pricing scheme, there will be two price plans available for the standard chargers in operation through a:

An ongoing membership subscription (recommended for those using the network over five times per month)

*Most electric vehicle drivers charge their car at home or in work and use the public network to top up for 15% of their charges. Taking a 100km drive (85% night rate home charge and 15% public fast charge) will typically cost:

2019 Ford Focus Diesel consumption is 4.90 per 100km

Diesel price €1.15.5 (€1.16) – AA Road watch May 2020

Electric Ireland night rate €0.1012

40kWh Nissan Leaf range - 270 km (WLTP)

Rounded to nearest %

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