Chile’s biggest transmission project to enable transport of energy across 1,500 km

  • Sep 29, 2021
  • Tractebel

Tractebel is acting as Owner’s Engineer in a collaboration between our Transmission Energy experts in Chile and Brazil and partner ENGIE Impact to provide the client with full support during the bid preparation phase. Our mandate is as follows:

The pre-feasibility analysis began in February 2021 and is estimated to end in September 2021.

1,500 km of HVDC line to transport renewable energy

The project entails the construction of a ±600 kV HVDC line of roughly 1,500 km in length between Kimal and Lo Aguirre, with two AC/DC converter substations. AC transmission lines are also foreseen between the new substations and the existing ones in Kimal (220 kV) and Lo Aguirre (500 kV). Construction is expected to start in January 2022 and wrap up by December 2028.