Subsea power interconnection cable to link Egypt and Greece

  • Oct 20, 2021
  • ESI Africa

In North Africa, Egypt is setting itself up to become a major regional power interconnector.

In its latest efforts to extend its energy reach, an agreement on the electricity interconnection between Greece and Egypt was signed in Athens.

The signatories are Greek Environment and Energy Minister Kostas Skrekas and Egyptian Minister of Electricity and RES, Mohamed Shaker.

This is the first power interconnection between Europe and Africa in the South-eastern Mediterranean region. The project will improve the region’s security of supply, increase cross-border energy exchanges and allow further development of renewable energy sources.

The basis for the signing of the agreement was laid during the visit of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to Cairo in June this year. During the meeting, Skrekas met with Shaker, and Egypt’s Environment Minister Yasmine Fouad and Petroleum and Mineral Resources Minister Tarek El Molla. The ministers discussed plans for electricity interconnection of the two countries through a submarine cable.

The Greek-Egyptian memorandum establishes a high-level working group of senior officials, representatives of the power grid operators and energy regulators.

The group will examine means and financing for the implementation of the project and facilitate the timely granting of permits and approvals, necessary for the feasibility studies.

It is also planned to consider the prospect of integrating the project into the European Union Projects of Common Interest (PCI), in the context of the interconnection of the Trans-European Energy Networks, which will facilitate both the licensing and financing of the project.

In another power interconnection project, electricity trading between Egypt and Saudi Arabia is underway. The line will enable Egypt to access the Arabian Gulf’s power grids and Saudi Arabia’s access to North Africa’s, a move that will enable the two countries to meet renewable energy and energy security goals.

In September, Nigeria’s minister of power, Abubakar Aliyu, announced the federal government is exploring different opportunities to collaborate with the government of Egypt to boost the power supply in the country.

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In a meeting with the Egyptian ambassador to Nigeria, Ihab Awad, the minister said: “I am aware of the meeting you had with my predecessor, which led to a draft memorandum of understanding that was sent to us from the Ministry of Foreign affairs. And the invitation extended to us by your government to visit Egypt. Your visit now is giving us an opportunity to re-energise this collaboration.”

Aliyu added that the federal government would reactivate the collaboration between the two countries and give a response on when a team from the ministry of power can visit Egypt.

Edited by ESI Africa and sourced from the Greek City Times