Denmark’s Leader Didn’t Want a Fight With Trump. She Got One Anyway.

  • Aug 23, 2019
  • NZ Edge

Although the number of asylum seekers arriving in Denmark has fallen in recent years, voters have repeatedly endorsed a hard line on immigration, and Ms. Frederiksen has pushed her party in that direction.

While she may find common ground with Mr. Trump on that topic, Ms. Frederiksen is at odds with him on global warming, an issue that tops her agenda. She has promised a 70 percent reduction of carbon emissions in order to meet the targets of the Paris climate accord, though her government concedes that it does not know how it will meet that goal.

At the very least, Ms. Frederiksen’s minority government will have to work with a shifting coalition of parties in Parliament. While the right-wing Danish People’s Party could be an ally on immigration, some of its leaders have dismissed concerns about climate change as hysteria.

But there is little disagreement in Denmark among mainstream political parties about the country’s relationship with the United States. Danish leaders and citizens largely see the United States as an important ally, and Danes have joined Americans in missions in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, where it lost 43 troops.

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