India and Denmark launch Centre for Offshore Wind and Renewable Energy

  • Sep 10, 2021
  • Energy Agency

Yesterday, the Honorable Minister R.K. Singh and Honorable Minister Dan Jørgensen inaugurated the joint Centre of Excellence for Offshore Wind and Renewable Energy in New Delhi. The vision is to become a nationally and internationally recognized, respected and leading knowledge hub working for a sustainable development of offshore wind energy in India.

India will be one of the largest markets for renewable energy in the coming decades. And a solid renewable energy mix will be needed to fulfill the country’s ambitious target of 450 GW in 2030. Therefore, the Indian Ministry of New and Renewable Energy and the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities yesterday launched the knowledge hub Centre of Excellence for Offshore Wind and Renewable Energy as part of the India-Denmark Energy Partnership.

India’s offshore wind potential will contribute to meet the Paris Agreement commitments, attract investments and growth and create local jobs. Moreover, it will improve energy security and satisfy the need for more electrical power in a growing industrial economy. The Centre of Excellence aims to create an optimal environment for offshore wind in India. This is done through developing best practices, methods and tools in order to minimize risk and reduce the overall cost of offshore projects.

The Centre of Excellence for Offshore Wind will be a virtual knowledge hub based on four working groups with Danish and Indian government officials working together to provide the best available international knowledge to the development of the offshore wind sector in India.

More information and dissemination of results from the concrete work under the Centre of Excellence can be found here:

Advisor Birgitte Torntoft, [email protected], +45 33 92 79 01