Ford Motor Company, General Motors, and Noted Environmentalist Ed Begley Jr. To Keynote The Battery Show and Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo

  • Aug 22, 2019
  • Cypress Hills Resource

Mark Verbrugge started his General Motors career in 1986 and, in his current position, maintains global research programs ranging from chemistry, physics, and materials science to the development of structural subsystems and energy storage devices. He has published and patented in topic areas associated with electroanalytical methods, polymer electrolytes, advanced batteries and supercapacitors, fuel cells, high-temperature air-to-fuel-ratio sensors, surface coatings, compound semiconductors, and various manufacturing processes related to automotive applications of structural materials.

In his keynote, Verbrugge will review what was needed for the development of low-cost, fast-charge batteries, and how they are essential to the advancement of automotive electrification. He will also offer an explanation of the key considerations of negative electrode behavior and review the materials required. Verbrugge will also emphasize the need for sustainable battery solutions based on Earth-abundant materials with low cost per unit mass, the use of which ensures lower cost cells with increasing specific energy per unit mass.

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