Foundation is laid for first of 35 wind turbines at Tchamma

The reinforced structure, which took 11 hours to pour, will eventually support a 454-tonne tower that soars 90 metres over this northern desert region of Antofagasta.

When fully operational in 2021, Tchamma will generate 157.5 MW of clean energy at capacity, enough to power 186,937 Chilean homes while saving 177,996 tonnes of CO2 emissions a year.

The project is currently being built out alongside two other wind farms – at nearby Cerro Tigre and Alena, in the southern Biobío region – as well as the Río Escondido solar PV plant in Atacama.

Together they form the first phase of Mainstream’s wholly owned and fully contracted 1.3 GW Andes Renovables platform, which is set to play an important role in Chile’s green recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

In April, the country became the first in Latin America to propose new CO2 cuts to meet the climate action goals of the Paris Agreement, pledging to peak CO2 emissions in 2025 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

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