Transforming Home Furniture: Proton New Energy Future Launches Unique Clean Energy Smart Table, Combining Modern Design And Solar Technology

  • May 16, 2019
  • Solar Daily

With an innovative concept incorporating renewable energy technology, Proton New Energy Future's EBÖRD table provides a convenient, modern method of charging your electronic devices inside your home through artificial light

BARCELONA, Spain, May 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Seeking to bring home furniture into the 21st Century with an innovative new convenient and environmentally-friendly design, Proton New Energy Future, (, is launching the EBÖRD table, a sleek and wireless self-sufficient device that recharges your electronic devices (smartphone, wearables, Air Pods, tablets, etc.) with renewable energy.

In response to the increased usage of smartphones in our daily lives, and sensing the need for an accessible common charging platform, the Proton New Energy Future team have taken a unique approach in its solution, combining renewable energy with home modern design furniture. The EBÖRD table has been created with the capability of generating green energy through artificial light inside home environments without the need for sunlight. The table, which requires no plugs and is wireless, can charge your electronic devices and is compatible with any smartphone that incorporates Qi charge, such as smartphones from Apple, Samsung, Sharp, and Xiaomi. In case your smartphone is not compatible with Qi Technology, EBÖRD offers an adaptor to charge the phone in the table. The EBÖRD table operates on a standard Qi wireless charging system and devices can be charged anywhere on its surface.

"The EBÖRD table is the first modernly designed table with the capability of generating green energy through artificial light inside of consumers' homes without sunlight," said Miquel Jové, CEO of Proton New Energy Future.  "The EBÖRD table provides ecological, environmental, economic and comfort benefits for the user, while also connecting the consumer with the philanthropic mission of Proton New Energy Future: accelerating the energy transition for a future without social exclusion, energy poverty, and climate change."

Benefits of Proton New Energy Future's EBÖRD table include:

Device Charger: Self-sufficient smart table that recharges your electronic devices using renewable energy.

All Qi Surface: Your device will be charged anywhere on the surface of the table.

No Plugs: Doesn't require any plugs as the table surface is a solar glass that generates the necessary energy to charge your devices.

Wireless: Standard Qi wireless charging system that is compatible with Apple and Android.

Sunlight Not Required: An advanced system allows the table to capture artificial light in interior spaces without the need for sunlight.

Waterproof: Tested for liquids or other products that may fall on the table.

Surround system: EBÖRD table can come equipped with a high-quality surround audio system, which connects to the devices via Bluetooth

Chill light: EBÖRD table can come equipped with a high-efficiency LED lighting system for moments of rest or reading.

Proton New Energy Future has launched an Indiegogo campaign, ( ), to spread awareness about the EBÖRD table. As an added benefit, the company is rewarding consumers with an exclusive opportunity to purchase the EBÖRD table through its campaign at a discount from its $750 USD price. Proton New Energy Future has no plans to sell EBÖRD tables in the future, although they could be purchased through distributors. The company is working on developing new applications and products featuring its solar panel technology for indoor environments.

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