New York mandates 70% renewable energy by 2030

  • Oct 18, 2020
  • Solar Power World


With today’s news that New York’s Public Service Commission (PSC) is formally adopting the 70% by 2030 renewable energy mandate as part of the Clean Energy Standard (CES), Anne Reynolds, executive director of the Alliance for Clean Energy New York (ACE NY) issued the following statement:

“Today New York adopted the 70% renewable energy requirement, a major milestone in our state’s clean energy transition. The renewable energy industry applauds this progress. For developers of wind, solar, hydro and renewable fuel cell projects, the most critical element is a clear and certain market demand and today’s order includes a directive for NYSERDA to enter into contracts for 4,500 MWh/year for Upstate renewables each year and 700-1000 megawatts of offshore wind per year. This creates a strong market in New York and should attract the private investment we will need to get projects under development. For this reason, it is great news for the clean energy industry and for New York.

“Today’s Order also includes the establishment of a competitive Tier 2, which has been sorely needed in New York to retain our baseline of existing renewable facilities. Tier 2 covers projects that were in operation before 2015. This is also good news.

“The Commission has also approved a new Tier 4 to facilitate the delivery of renewable energy into New York City. ACE NY had asked that if the Commission take this action, then renewable energy in New York be eligible, not just imported power. Further, we asked that the procurement commitments for new Upstate wind and solar (i.e. Tier 1) would not change based on this new Tier 4. It is our understanding that these two elements were included in the Order, so our member companies look forward to the opportunity to compete for contracts to deliver clean power to where it is needed in New York City.

“Renewable energy companies are creating both construction and long-term jobs in New York, with job growth at roughly twice the rate as other industries. This Order will allow these companies to continue to invest in New York, compete for contracts, contribute to New York’s economic recovery, and help New York achieve its goals for clean energy and climate action.”

News item from the Alliance for Clean Energy New York

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