Letters: We could all benefit from clean energy – if we are prepared to pay for it

  • Jan 09, 2020
  • The Telegraph

SIR – The Sihwa Lake tidal power station in South Korea is the world’s largest tidal-power installation, with a total power output capacity of 254 megawatts. This surpasses the 240 megawatt-rated Rance tidal power station in France, which was itself the world’s largest for 45 years.

In comparison, Britain’s Drax power station, which has the highest generating capacity in the United Kingdom, still constitutes only 6 per cent of our energy supply.

In order to provide sufficient energy for our islands’ needs, we would need to build 300 world-class tidal power stations.

SIR – It should be simple: scrap HS2 and build a few nuclear power stations. Yes, they are expensive to build, but they are cheap to run and provide power year-round, 24 hours a day, using no fossil fuels.

SIR – My sister and I bought our house 40 years ago. We were unable to afford separate houses, so it made sense to buy together.

However, we now find that as siblings we suffer from discrimination. When one of us dies the other will not only have lost a sister and friend but will also have lost a house.

Couples have the opportunity of marriage or civil partnership, which ensures inheritance for a partner or spouse, but siblings have no such rights. Surely it is time to end this unfair system.

SIR – We hear a lot about the cost of building HS2 (Letters, January 8), but what about when it actually starts running?

Who would manage it? How much would a ticket from London to Birmingham cost? Who would use it? Would the ticket price cover the development and running costs? How would it affect the day-to-day working lives of commuters? And would it improve the movement of goods and relieve congestion on the roads?

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