Global Nickel Market Insights, Trends and Forecasts 2019-2023 with Focus on EV Batteries -

  • Sep 12, 2019
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DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The "Global Nickel Market with Focus on EV Batteries: Insights, Trends and Forecast (2019-2023)" report has been added to's offering.

The factors such as upsurge in energy storage system (ESS), increasing electric vehicle penetration, rising demand for stainless steel, growing use of nickel in batteries and increasing nickel mine production countries are expected to drive the market growth.

However, growth of the industry would be challenged by underinvestment in sulphide ores and deficit expanding. A few notable trends include government support, rising NPI capacity, favorable pricing, nickel-intensive technologies and high nickel demand in Europe.

Nickel is widely used in a number of products for consumer, industrial, military, transport/aerospace, marine and architectural applications. Nickel has been commonly used in coins because of its bright, durable and corrosion-resistant coatings applied to steel. The biggest use of nickel is as an alloying metal along with chromium and other metals in the production of stainless and heat-resisting steels to increase the tensile strength, toughness and elastic limit of product.

The fastest growing regional market is China, owing to a surge in the production capacities of domestic metal extracting plants and increasing trend of industrialists shifting towards high-end metal refining machines over traditional refining machines.

2.3 Global Nickel Mine Production Volume by Region

2.12 Global Nickel Consumption Volume by Application

2.12.1 Global Nickel Stainless Steel Consumption Volume Forecast

2.12.2 Global Stainless Steel Consumption Volume by End Use

2.12.4 Global Stainless Steel Production Volume Forecast

2.12.5 Global Stainless Steel Production Volume by Region

2.12.6 Global Nickel Non-Stainless Consumption Volume Forecast

2.13 Global Nickel Consumption Volume by End Market

3.1.6 China Stainless Steel Production Volume Forecast

3.2.3 Indonesia Stainless Steel Production Volume Forecast

3.3.5 The U.S. Stainless Steel Production Volume Forecast

4.1 New Electric Vehicles (NEV) Sales Volume by Type

4.2 Nickel Battery Cathode Demand Volume Forecast in NEVs

6.1.1 Key Players - Revenue and Market Cap Comparison

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