Biden’s European vacation is really all about China

  • Jun 10, 2021
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While there is considerable common ground, the Trump years, the possibility he/they might return and the different relationship key EU member countries, particularly Germany, have with China means they won’t simply fall into line with the policies the US is now pushing.

The administration’s support for a minimum global tax and, critically, the American about-face on climate change have, however, removed two of the more fractious issues and increased the base of common ground.

The Europeans are well aware that Biden is seeking to enlist them in its competition with China, and to a lesser degree its relationship with Russia.Credit:AP

As Jana Puglierin, Berlin director of the European Council on Foreign Relations so colourfully depicted the new relationship between Europe and the US in comments to The New York Times: “This is not unconditional love, but friends with benefits.”

Biden’s trip starts with a meeting with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson ahead of a G7 meeting (to which non-members Australia, India and South Korea , but not China, have been invited) in Cornwall ahead of meeting with NATO allies, the EU and, finally, Russia next week.