Celanese Completes Acquisition of Synthesis Gas Production Unit from Linde AG

  • Feb 13, 2019
  • Celanese

(February 13, 2019) – Celanese Corporation (NYSE: CE), a global chemical and specialty materials company, today announced it has completed the acquisition of a 365 kilo tons per annum synthesis gas production unit from Linde AG. The production unit is located at the Celanese Clear Lake acetyl intermediates manufacturing facility located in Pasadena, Texas.

“With on-site production capability of synthesis gas – a crucial intermediate raw material for the production of acetic acid, hydrogen and methanol – Celanese is able to manage future productivity and growth configuration options for the world’s largest acetyl intermediates production facility, as well as the production network of Celanese acetyls plants globally,” said Todd Elliott, Celanese Senior Vice President, Acetyls.

Synthesis gas, or syngas, is a mixture of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and hydrogen. Syngas can be produced from many sources, including natural gas, coal, biomass, or virtually any hydrocarbon feedstock, by reaction with steam or oxygen.

Celanese announced its intent to acquire Linde’s CO production unit on January 15, 2019.

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