Capstone Green Energy (NASDAQ:CGRN) Distributor E-Finity Secures 2.4 Megawatt Order to Power Major Caribbean Resort

  • Sep 20, 2021
  • Capstone Turbine

Three Capstone Microturbines Will Provide 100% of the Resort's Power While Contributing Significantly to Its Sustainability Goals

VAN NUYS, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 20, 2021 / Capstone Green Energy Corporation ( (NASDAQ:CGRN), a global leader in carbon reduction and on-site resilient green energy solutions, announced today that it continues to expand the low emission microturbine market in the Caribbean with an order for a major Caribbean resort redevelopment project that includes 2.4 megawatts (MWs) of C800 Signature Series (C800S) microturbine energy systems.

The order, secured by E-Finity Distributed Generation (, Capstone's exclusive distributor for the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern United States and parts of the Caribbean, is expected to be commissioned in the Spring of 2022.

Three Capstone Green Energy propane-fueled C800 Signature Series microturbine energy systems are designed to provide a reliable, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective alternative to the island's expensive grid power. The new power plant is expected to provide all of the resort's power while potentially generating millions of dollars in estimated annual electric cost savings and reducing the resort's carbon footprint.

"Delivering clean, reliable, low-cost power to our Caribbean clients is E-Finity's number one priority right now," said Jeff Beiter, E-Finity President and Chief Executive Officer. "Economically, the system has the potential to save the customer millions of dollars; environmentally, it is designed to offset millions of pounds of CO2 per year, equivalent to removing 500+ cars from the road. In fact, no oil deliveries, storage, or disposal are needed with our air lubricated, air-cooled microturbines; I'd say that's environmentally friendly," added Mr. Beiter.

This 2.4 MW power plant is designed for N+1 redundancy and is expandable to 3 MW simply by adding another 200 kilowatt (kW) module to each C800S package, making it a C1000S system should the resort expand in the future. The Signature Series products also meets the wind-resistant provisions of the 2018 International Building Code, ASCE 7-16, for wind speeds up to 180 mph.

"This project exemplifies what I call the new breed of forward-looking, progressive developers who are finding creative ways to reduce their carbon footprint as well as lowering their annual operating costs - thus making green by being green," said Darren Jamison, Capstone Green Energy President and Chief Executive Officer. "This low emission development will adapt to the resort's growing energy needs over time and is expected to significantly reduce their carbon footprint. All the while, it is anticipated that they will generate reliable electricity at a lower cost than other resorts on the island that still buy power from the utility, which is generated using outdated, higher emissions technologies and more expensive fuels," concluded Mr. Jamison.