'This is a big deal': Mighty glacier finally succumbs to climate change

  • Nov 08, 2019
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The largest losses were glaciers in Alaska, followed by the melting ice fields in southern South America and glaciers in the Arctic.

At 3885 square kilometres, the Juneau ice field is a third larger than the US state of Rhode Island, stretching from the Pacific Ocean into Canada, according to the Anchorage Daily News. It has dozens of named glaciers - including Taku - and many more smaller, unnamed glaciers.

A 2016 scientific paper reported that the ice field was expected to lose more than half its ice by the end of the century and to disappear completely before 2200, the Daily News said.

Taku's quick retreat was a surprise to Pelto: "We thought the mass balance at Taku was so positive that it was going to be able to advance for the rest of the century," said Pelto.

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