PyroGenesis renames its subsidiary AirScience Technologies Inc to Pyro Green-Gas

  • Sep 14, 2021
  • Proactive Investors

PyroGenesis Canada Inc, which designs, develops, and commercializes advanced plasma processes, announced that following its acquisition of AirScience Technologies Inc (AST), it is in the process of renaming it Pyro Green-Gas.

The Montreal-based high-tech company said Pyro Green-Gas will continue to be a wholly owned subsidiary of the company. As part of the name change, PyroGenesis said it will in due course develop a Pyro Green-Gas website as well as a unique company logo, both of which will be disclosed once completed.

The legal name of the company will remain AirScience Technologies Inc. until such time as the name change process is completed, said the company. Pyro Green-Gas will now begin referring to itself under the new corporate name for marketing and branding purposes.

“Changing the name to Pyro Green-Gas helps unify and solidify our different business segments, all of which have their unique approach to reducing greenhouse gases, and benefiting the environment,” said PyroGenesis CEO P Peter Pascali. “The rebranding from AST to Pyro Green-Gas comes at a defining moment in our company's history and better reflects who we are today with our increased focus on technologies providing greenhouse gas solutions for sustainable long-term growth.”

Pyro Green-Gas, formerly known as AirScience Technologies, offers technologies, equipment, and expertise in the area of biogas upgrading, as well as air pollution controls.

It designs and builds gas upgrading systems to convert biogas to renewable natural gas (RNG), pyrolysis-gas purification, biogas and landfill-gas flares and thermal oxidizers and purification of coke-oven gas — a by-product in the steel industry arising from the conversion of coal into coke and then into high purity hydrogen, which is much in demand in the industry.

Pyro Green-Gas is also known for its line of landfill gas flares which reduce greenhouse gas emissions specifically from landfills.

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