Cleantech ambition drives economic recovery in Canada

  • Oct 16, 2020
  • Bioenergy Insight

By Colin Ley

The enormous promise of Canada’s bioenergy future is seen as having a major role to play in helping to rebuild the country’s economy from the devastation of COVID-19, with politicians at both Federal and Provincial levels increasingly committing the nation to a full-on cleantech future.

The challenge for the country’s bioenergy producers, meanwhile, is to ensure that the new raft of governmentbacked solutions, and the welcome investments that go with them, are applied to business sectors in a practical and effective way. Looking at the big picture, Canada’s cleantech recovery plans are certainly impressive, but there is also some reason to suggest that the implementation of previous government policies haven’t always been grounded in practical business reality.

Starting with the simple facts, Mélanie Joly, Minister for Western Economic Diversification Canada, unveiled an ambitious $2.2 million (€1.4 million) Federal Government funding support package in late September. This was designed to help cleantech SMEs across British Columbia (BC) embrace the inevitably daunting task of rebuilding...

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