LIVE BLOG: Offshore Energy Virtual Event

  • Oct 26, 2020
  • Brunei LNG

13:45 Unlocking the full potential of the North Sea

Dr. Joris Koornneef was the speaker for the next Energy Talk. He discussed how to create an inclusive portfolio of different eco-friendly technologies to reach both the carbon emission reduction targets set by the Paris Agreement and by the Government of the Netherlands.

Koornneef reminded that the North Sea was already a very important energy region, especially in the oil and gas industry and the offshore wind industry which is slowly catching up. He noted that hydrogen, along with carbon capture and storage initiatives are now also being developed in the region.

He also spoke of the North Sea Energy Programme – with 30 partners involved in the programme – which is exploring innovations of the future.

The key element of the programme, according to Koornneef, is an integrated approach to the offshore energy portfolio. Studies have shown that benefits can be achieved if various energy functions, such as wind, hydrogen, and natural gas are linked.

Such smart connections reduce carbon emissions, reduce costs, as well as makes effective use of offshore space and accelerate the energy transition. He believes that such an approach will put the North Sea on the map as a pioneering region for the European energy transition.

Some of the ways, Koornneef said, that would accelerate this would be the creation of offshore hubs and spinoffs from other energy projects like production of hydrogen from the PosHYdon project using the existing offshore infrastructure.

The PosHYdon project aims to integrate three energy systems in the North Sea: offshore wind, offshore gas, and offshore hydrogen by producing hydrogen from seawater on Neptune Energy’s Q13-a platform in the Dutch North Sea.

Peter Scheijgrond from MET-support led a very interesting talk show at our event today, hosting Sicco Kamminga, Director at Nortek BV, Daniel Buhagiar, CEO FLASC B.V., and Willem van Leeuwen, Project Manager Services Damen.

Next-generation solutions in the offshore energy sector, along with the energy production infrastructure itself, include Damen’s new virtual platform, Nortek’s acoustic doppler, and FLASC’s storage device.

The solutions are aimed to bring advantage and help with existing obstacles, especially in the offshore renewables industries, as the energy transition moves forward.

From Nortek’s technology, tidal energy is one of the areas that can benefit and already have as the company has cooperated with tidal turbine developers. FLASC sees a wide-spanning market for the use of its storage solutions, mainly in offshore wind as one of the biggest offshore renewable energy industries.

In terms of installation and other vessels that support the offshore energy sector, Damen’s virtual solution brings benefits to vessel operators and, among other things in the closer future, the company sees artificial intelligence and machine learning as something that will be part of the business as usual.

Content-packed virtual Offshore Energy 2020 event is progressing with talks on offshore floating solar technologies.

Brigitte Vlaswinkel, research and offshore operations director at Dutch-based Oceans of Energy, shared her vision on the promise of offshore floating solar systems based on the results from their successful North Sea trials.

Vlaswinkel also showcased how their systems can be integrated with offshore wind and what potential it brings as well as environmental benefits.

Professor Wilfried van Sark from the University of Utrecht discussed the potential applications of solar energy technologies and performance differences between offshore and land-based photovoltaic (PV) systems.

He also detailed the challenges and advantages of offshore floating solar in real-life conditions and what kind of technologies could be used in future installations.

11:50 – Harness the power of water to solve our energy problems

More talks at the Energy Plaza. Our host talked with Peter Scheijgrond, Director of MET-support, which Eva Brouwer described as the “main marine energy man”.

During the short sit-down, Scheijgrond stated that power created by offshore wind and the sun must be used in order to reach environmental goals but added that harnessing the power of water would solve all our energy problems.

He further said that marine energy, as well as offshore wind, have to cooperate with oil and gas since most of the expertise still lies there and since many oil and gas operators are turning towards renewable sources.

When asked about which projects he was most excited about, he pointed out core power which has the potential to make marine energy more affordable.

“Best energy storage is the energy that does not need storage”, Scheijgrond said, referring to tidal energy which is independent of weather, unlike wind. He also said that at the moment the Netherlands has five tidal turbines in operating which are powering a 1,000 households.

11:15 – Marine Energy: The Next Big Thing in Energy

The moderator Peter Scheijgrond, Director at MET-Support, kicked off a talk show on marine energy as the next big thing in energy, with guest speakers Andries van Unen, CEO of Tocardo; Richard Parkinson, CEO of Inyanga-Tech; Patrik Möller, CEO of CorPower Ocean; and Kim Nielsen, Wave Energy Consultant at Ramboll.

The speakers discussed how marine energy fits in the future energy mix and the various possibilities available for the sector to complement other energy-generating technologies.

The focus was on the predictability of tidal and wave energy – and how that quality can balance other intermittent renewable energy resources such as offshore wind.

Andries van Unen spoke about small-scale tidal energy projects, and the possibility of integrating tidal energy plants into coastal and flood-defence barriers. Kim Nielsen also suggested the integration of wave energy into floating flood barriers, while Richard Parkinson spoke about floating tidal energy solutions and the production of hydrogen whereby ‘90% of risks and 50% of costs associated with subsea and dynamic cabling necessary for grid connection could be avoided if they were rerouted directly to establishing green hydrogen plants backed by tidal energy generation’.

11:00 Preparations for world champion solar boat team – A chat at the Energy Plaza

In a live interview via Zoom, a member of the 2019 World Championship winning TU Delft Solar Boat Team announced their plans for the upcoming race in Monaco in 2021 and the development of new technologies for the competitive solar racing boats as well as hydrogen-powered boats.

10:50 Taiwan the place to be – A chat at the Energy Plaza

At the Energy Plaza, host Eva Brouwer discussed safe rope access and gangway systems with Wijnand van Aalst, the CEO of Safeway. Mr. van Aalst talked about his company’s turn towards offshore wind using the example of DONG Energy – now Orsted.

He also talked about Taiwan being the place to be as companies and the government are investing in offshore wind and that Safeway can apply their experience from the North Sea to the Taiwanese offshore wind market.

At a Navingo Career skills session at our first virtual event, hosted by Ivo Winkes, Partner LTP Online, and our Coco Kossmann, once again offshore wind – and especially the growing industry in the North Sea countries – got most of the attention, with recruitment drive rapidly increasing in this sector.

We saw a few presentations, such as from a Superintendant at Boskalis, and lots of success stories from the energy world. Videos showing the complexity of tasks and jobs offshore energy employees are skilled to take on paint quite a picture of what skills and expertise are needed.

The first live talk at the virtual Offshore Energy 2020 event talked about offshore wind, but not only that. As we move to a more clean-energy-oriented world, cross-market collaboration and system integration get more attention.

Moderated by Erwin Cooler, Owner at ECHT, the session hosted expert speakers Marcel van Bergen, Director Offshore Heavy Lifting at Boskalis, Wijnand van Aalst, CEO at Van Aalst, Benjamin Lehner, Business & Innovation Advisor at DMEC, Diederick Nierstrasz, Business Development Manager Wind at Ampelmann.

Our speakers gave an insight in the burning topics and issues of the offshore wind industry and the closely connected energy transition, with marine spatial planning and support from other offshore renewables as one of the main points in the way to move forward.

9:30 – Welcome to Offshore Energy 2020, Home of Energy Transition.

Our virtual exhibition and conference floor has just opened, with live conference sessions, showcase videos from our exhibitors, matchmaking programme – which seems to be attracting more people than expected – and many, many other features which you can access from the convenience of your home.

Bookmark this Live Blog page to stay tuned and follow the updates from conference sessions taking place throughout these two days!

Coert van Zijll Langhout, Managing Director of Navingo BV, and Anne Visser, Director of Operations at Navingo BV, just opened the event. Looking forward to seeing you all virtually!

With numerous Live Talk Shows, Show Cases, Energy Talks by experts, Live Interviews, Matchmaking, a digital Pub Quiz and lot more, this year’s edition promises to be an energetic, fruitful, and inspiring event, again.

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