Gazprom collaborates with Russian government on hydrogen energy

  • Oct 14, 2021
  • Brunei LNG

Russian gas company Gazprom has signed an agreement of intent with the goverment to advance the hi-tech area of developing hydrogen energy and decarbonization of industry and transport in the country.

The parties signed the deal on 13 October at Russian Energy Week International Forum 2021.

The deal aims at advancing the hi-tech area of activity “Development of hydrogen energy and decarbonization of industry and transport on the basis of natural gas”.

It also serves to accelerate the advancement of natural gas-based technologies in the area of hydrogen energy. It will create pilot projects as well.

Gazprom will draw up a roadmap and submit it for approval to the Russian government. The roadmap will specifically outline the target indicators of technological development and the corresponding action plan.

Finally, Gazprom and the government will join their efforts to implement the roadmap with the participation of stakeholders.

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