'I will lead Nats to the next election': McCormack dismisses leadership speculation

  • Feb 16, 2020
  • Sydney Morning Herald

Senator Canavan said he would "only cross the floor if it was a severe issue that was against the interests of the people of Queensland" and would “forcefully” fight against policies that would damage the state's coal mining industry.

He said he would oppose any increase to Australia’s Paris Agreement commitments without “other countries moving” as well, saying "further unilateral action without other countries moving ... would not seem to make a lot of sense.”

Asked about the push within the Nationals for changes to make leadership spills more difficult, Mr McCormack sought to distance himself from the move, saying while he "thought that the proposal had merit", it was "a matter for the party room and a matter for the federal management".

"I think that that might look self indulgent and me trying to protect the leadership," he said.

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