International regulators establish global offshore wind forum

  • Apr 11, 2019
  • Windpower

Global offshore wind cooperation took a leap forward this week as offshore wind regulators from around the world met as a group for the first time to discuss important issues related to this rapidly growing industry.

Regulators for Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, Scotland, the United Kingdom, and the United States gathered to share best practices and lessons learned with the goal of strengthening international cooperation in this important sector.

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) hosted the first meeting of the Global Offshore Wind Regulators Forum in New York City, bringing together regulators from both experienced and emerging markets to share the latest regulatory and policy issues in offshore wind.

The group discussed many topics, including offshore wind planning, leasing, and oversight. After yesterday’s successful meeting, the forum intends to meet annually, with the next gathering to take place in Denmark in 2020.

In this same spirit of cooperation, BOEM’s Acting Director Walter Cruickshank and the Consul General Dolph Hogewoning, on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation of the Kingdom of The Netherlands, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to further strengthen bilateral cooperation on offshore wind.

Recognizing the important role offshore wind plays in both jurisdictions, the MOU reinforces each country’s commitment to share information, experiences, and best practices regarding offshore wind. The signing ceremony took place at the Consulate General of the Kingdom of The Netherlands in New York.

“Our thanks to BOEM and the Netherlands for signing an MOU to signal their shared commitment to the offshore wind industry and agreeing to share best practices and information to advance the industry in both countries,” said Liz Burdock, CEO & President, Business Network for Offshore Wind. “We look forward to witnessing the output from this historic partnership between BOEM and The Netherlands, and hope to see more agreements across national boundaries in the future.”

These initiatives build on long-standing collaborations already in place between BOEM and its international counterparts. In May, BOEM and the Kingdom of Denmark will mark three years of formal cooperation between their two governments on offshore wind. BOEM is also grateful for its strong bilateral relationships with counterparts in other countries, including many of those who participated in the Forum.

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