Howard government minister urges Australia to lead on climate change

  • Aug 05, 2020
  • Sydney Morning Herald

The former Howard government environment minister who negotiated for Australia on the Kyoto Protocol has urged the Morrison government to lead global action on climate change, starting with binding reduction targets for greenhouse gases.

Speaking on Tuesday to a webinar of the Coalition for Conservation group which bills itself as a centre-right political group for climate action, Robert Hill said Australia "can afford to be a leader" on the urgent changes needed to limit the impact from natural disasters like the Black Summer bushfires.

Former PM John Howard with Robert Hill, who says Australia should set emissions reduction targets to help lead the world in limiting global warming.Credit:Penny Bradfield

"If we don't take the lead, how can we we expect anyone else to? There hasn't been a sense of urgency in Australia. It's been, rather, what is the global budget to achieve a certain outcome ... and what's our fair share?" Mr Hill said.

"What burden can we fairly take to contribute to achieving that outcome rather than a sense that maybe Australia should be the initiator, be out there creating a sense of leadership."

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