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JinkoSolar with the B20 ERES Taskforce commit G20 leaders to pursue sustainable energy transition

  • Dec 07, 2018
  • Jinko Solar

SHANGHAI, Dec. 7, 2018 -- JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. ("JinkoSolar" or "Company"), (NYSE code:JKS) the world's reputable solar module manufacturer, today announced that it contributed to B20 Energy, Resource Efficiency & Sustainability (ERES) Task Force for inclusion of its proposal in the G20 Leaders’ Declaration. The 2018 meeting of the G20 Leaders' Summit took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina with the theme of 'Building consensus for fair and sustainable development'. The G20 leaders addressed the agenda by promoting dialogue in the search of a common ground and finally reached a consensus statement.

As the Article 22 from the G20 Leader’s Declaration stated: “We recognize the crucial role of energy in helping shape our shared future and we encourage energy transitions that combine growth with decreasing greenhouse gas emissions towards cleaner, more flexible and transparent systems, and cooperation in energy efficiency. We recognize the opportunities for innovation, growth, and job creation through increased investment into cleaner and sustainable energy sources -including renewables-, technologies and infrastructure. We acknowledge the role of all energy sources and technologies in the energy mix and different possible national paths to achieve cleaner energy systems under the term ‘transitions’. We will promote energy security, sustainability, resilience, efficiency, affordability and stability, acknowledging that there are varied sources of energy and technological advances to achieve a low emissions’ future. We continue to promote universal energy access by eradicating energy poverty, cooperating to provide displaced people and disaster-impacted and remote areas with access to it, and through enhanced implementation of G20 regional plans.”

JinkoSolar, as one of the core members of the Argentina B20 Energy, Resource Efficiency, and Sustainability (ERES) Taskforce, has actively participated in developing the proposal that the global business community and the G20 leaders shall pursue for an accelerated transition towards a low carbon, sustainable, and equitable energy future. At The Business 20 (B20) Summit held in October, JinkoSolar pointed out that so far the sufficient and most cost effective way to counter climate change can only be realized by using solar power which is accommodated by storage, grid infrastructure, decentralization and digitally- enabled electrification technologies.

There is no doubt that Chinese solar PV companies like JinkoSolar have been committed to accelerate a sustainable energy transition by utilizing the innovative solar PV technology, advanced manufacturing, and experience of designing and applying utility scale solar projects.

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