Could You Speak at Iberia's Leading Gas, LNG & Clean Energy Event?

The world's largest gas and LNG event, Gastech, was recently held in Barcelona and as one of the organisers involved, I was asked by many international and local Iberian companies to leave behind a strong event that could keep everyone connected. So, with the help and support of some amazing people, we have done it! Iberia Gas & LNG 2019 arrives in the amazing capital city of Madrid next June, to keep the conversations started at Gastech going, but with a key focus on the issues that really matter to the Iberian energy community - namely: "Developing the Iberian LNG Hub", "Investing and Expanding LNG Bunkering & Infrastructure", "Finding a Role for Gas in a Low-Carbon World", and "Developing Gas Fuels (including Hydrogen and Biogas) in Transportation".

The Iberian Peninsula, including the MEDGAZ and Maghreb-European Interconnections, are heavily involved in the business of natural gas and LNG to provide cheap, flexible and reliable energy. As a result, the Iberian Peninsula is one of the largest and most sophisticated consumers of gas & LNG in the world, with Spain and Portugal possessing huge regasification capabilities and pipeline infrastructure networks. These networks are critical for feeding gas into the European Union's system and makes Iberia a vital, strategic point of entry and the region an attractive hub for LNG trading.

Natural gas demand in Spain and Portugal has risen dramatically in recent years, underlying the critical role gas plays in delivering stable – and cleaner – energy to the region. Spain has the potential to become a major European and global LNG hub and is currently pursuing a more competitive and flexible operational position that could enable this ambition to become reality.

Interested in Speaking and Engaging with our Audience?

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