Press Release

Mainstream Media of Pakistan Visited Sahiwal Project

  • Sep 14, 2018
  • China Huaneng

  On September 14th, lead by Li Yuanling, the Party Counselor of Chinese Embassy in Pakistan, a group of 14 Pakistani mainstream news media and Xinhua News Agency, including GEO, EXPRESS, DAWN, DUNYA and PTV, visited Huaneng Sahiwal Coal-fired Power Station.

  The reporter delegation listened to the introduction of the Sahiwal project, watched the documentary on the construction of the Sahiwal power station and the video about the work and life of local employees at the project. After that, they visited control room for desulfurization and de-dust as well as the integrated control room of the units, and learned details on the equipment.

  Through field visits, all the press delegation spoke highly of the benefits generated by the project for the locals and praised the excellent construction quality and exquisite workmanship of the power station. It was surprising for the reporters to see Chinese and Pakistani employees work together skillfully and all systems running well. They all commend the project as a miracle in the history of power construction in Pakistan.

  In a following media report, PTV (Pakistan National Television) called “Sahiwal Power Station, a truly successful story of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor”. Pakistan Today said that “Sahiwal Power Station is fully compliant with World Bank and EU standards”. Time of Islamabad called “Sahwar Power Station fully integrated with world standards”.

  This vist is organized by the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan. The Sahiwal Coal-fired Power Station is one of the two key projects the press delegation plans to visit concerning the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

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