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GD Power Insists on "Eight-Enhancement and Eight-Upgrading" to Strengthen Marketing

  • Mar 28, 2018
  • GD Power Development

On March 14, GD Power held 2018 marketing video conference. The meeting summarized the company''s marketing work in 2017, conducted an in-depth analysis of the current situation and tasks, and arranged and deployed 2018 marketing work. In 2018, GD Power should implement overall deployment according to the “Ten Major Projects”, realize “Eight-Enhancement and Eight-Upgrading”, comprehensively increase the marketing capability, and win the battle to increase quality and efficiency. Jia Jilin, Deputy General Manager and Member of Party Committee of the company, attended the meeting and delivered speeches.

In 2017, GD Power actively rose to the challenge including the electricity market reform , low or average growing demand for electricity, and continuous expansion of market transactions, and seriously implemented marketing strategies of “Four-Advancement, One-Leading and One-Strengthening”, carried out competition activities of “Increasing Electricity, Controlling Coal Price, Reducing Expense and Improving Efficiency”. The utilization hours of several coal-fired power plants are higher than the average level of the power plants of China Huaneng Group Co., Ltd., China Datang Corporation, China Huadian Corporation Ltd., China Guodian Corporation and China Power Investment Corporation in the same regions, of the same types and with the same capacities, and the utilization rate of hydro energy and wind power was steadily increased. Market transactions are carried out in order, price management is solid and effective, and the thermal market continues to expand. It successfully accomplished the target tasks assigned by the group and the company.

Jia Jilin emphasized that, in 2018with the new situation in the electricity market, the marketing work must achieve “Eight-Enhancement and Eight-Upgrading”, i.e.: strengthen the supervision over the qualification of power generation licenses to promoted standardized operation; strengthen the study of policy, rule and mechanisms to enhance the ability to adapt to the market; strengthen market transaction process control to achieve continuous profitability; strengthen marketing operation of electricity company to increase revenue and profitability; strengthen self-disciplined and collaborative marketing of the industry to enhance risk prevention and control capabilities; strengthen the construction of smart marketing systems to enhance scientific decision-making capabilities; strengthen the construction of marketing incentive mechanism to enhance the ability to create values; strengthen the establishment of the credit system to promote the strength of operating by laws. .

Jia Jilin demanded that: First. Study in depth, change out-dated concepts, and improve the company''s marketing ability. Study the electricity reform policy in depth, optimize bidding strategies, and increase the ability to control the market. Fight for policy support and increase base electricity plan. Pay close attention to the progress of physical trading pilots and strive for power supply initiatives. Second: Innovate mechanisms, strengthen implementation, and resolutely win the battle of quality and efficiency. Comprehensively strengthen marketing management and control, strengthen the management of market transactions, and strive for peak regulation of the power and Two-Rule Rewards. Strengthen the management of electricity company, define functional positioning, actively participate in transactions, and plan profitability models. Pay attention to adjustments to feed-in tariff, timely implement ultra-low emission price, actively promote the increase in heat prices, and strengthen the recovery of electric charges . Insist on compliance with laws and regulations, and promote the construction of smart marketing system.

At the meeting, some units exchange ideas through introducing typical experiences and special practices. Heads of relevant departments and each unit of the company attended the meeting.

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