Global alliance for sustainable energy formed

  • Sep 17, 2021
  • Engineering News

A group of global leaders from across the renewable energy value chain and the sector’s innovation ecosystem on September 16 launched a new organisation aimed at ensuring renewables are wholly sustainable for people and the planet and lead a just transition away from fossil fuels.

The partners, united in a shared vision for the sustainability of the renewables industry and the need to take concrete, collaborative action, have come together to create the Global Alliance for Sustainable Energy.

The initiative represents the founding members’ joint response to the urgent need to decarbonise the global energy system while ensuring its sustainability from an environmental, social and governance (ESG) perspective.

It brings together utility companies from diverse geographies, major manufacturers in the wind power and solar photovoltaic supply chains, as well as sector associations and innovation partners.

The 17 founding members are 3M, Adani Green Energy, EDP, Eletrobras, Enel Green Power, the Global Solar Council, the Global Wind Energy Council, Goldwind, Iberdrola, JA Solar, Nordex Group, NTPC, Politecnico di Milano, Politecnico di Torino, ReNew Power, Risen Energy and Trina Solar.

The alliance aims to redefine the meaning of ‘sustainable energy’ and embrace all those working in and impacted by renewables, joining efforts with civil society, end-users, policymakers, academic institutions, materials suppliers, original-equipment manufacturers and likeminded utilities to interface with governments and investors.

The initiative is fully aligned with the 2030 agenda set out in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

While wind and solar have distinct characteristics as renewable technologies, they are highly complementary and share both similar growth trajectories and similar challenges to their sustainable deployment.

Closer alignment between wind and solar is, therefore, critical for accelerating the energy transition, the alliance states.

The launch event – The Sustainability Mission of the Energy Transition: Presenting the Global Alliance for Sustainable Energy – will feature speakers from founding members, who will provide perspectives about how their own organisations are already actively working towards the Alliance’s vision for sustainable energy.

That will include roundtables addressing the topics of sustainability in the renewables supply chain and progress towards net-zero goals.

The 17 members of the alliance are set to work together to tackle the sustainability challenges in this transition.

They start their collaboration by focusing on four key areas where they can achieve quick wins for the sustainability of the renewable energy industry, aligning different players by setting and harmonising standards and metrics, around which common targets can be set, and aligning around best practices.

The focus areas are net-zero emissions and carbon dioxide footprints; the circular economy and design; human rights; and water footprints.

The alliance is open to new members who share this vision and can contribute concretely towards the ultimate goal of becoming a truly sustainable industry within the transition to net zero by 2050.